More Justice League Dark. At least it’s clear weather in Cape Breton today.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 15
As I start week three of Phase 7, I noticed that the cravings and sheer pain of this process is less. I must be adapting but I hope I’m not adapting to a slower metabolism. I don’t want my body to gain back weight that easily.

This assumes I’m actually losing any weight. I went to Mark’s Work Warehouse to obtain some dress shirts. I am still a 3X. Part of the problem is my middle, but there’s no way a 2X can cope with my shoulders and arms. Similarly in casual t-shorts and golf shirts, although my waist is OK in those cuts, the shoulders are not.

If I keep working out, I’ll be stuck with 3X shoulders. So much for buying off the rack.

Shopping Questions

Why are the small sizes on the top of the shelf and the extraordinarily rare 2X and 3X kept at the bottom near the floor?

Why are there so few 2X and 3X items in stock when there are a lot of big guys like me?