Moon Knight is a cool character that doesn’t seem to be on the movie radar. I was helping a client in Westerose Alberta yesterday

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 13
It’s Saturday morning. Do you know where your calories are? It’s funny because I saw a re-tweet yesterday involving @YoniFreedhoff, the fellow who wrote the Diet Fix book, which is the book I’m semi using to upgrade my Mutant Diet, which was initially inspired by a Keto mindset.

I wonder how often authors of books see nuts like me trying something and wondering which sections of the book I willfully ignored.

Anyway, my body thanked me for not going to the gym because the lower back is still not right. I’ll have to get some more treatment. My wizard(ess) RMT has a waitlist and I’m on it.

But if you’re wondering how I stick to it, I noticed that the jeans I’m wearing were not comfortable two weeks ago and now they are loose.