Earth 31 is a waterworld and thus has a pirate theme. Jamaica was famous for pirates.

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 6
So I feel like I’m continually lick a salt stick. A couple of days ago, I started having a salty taste in my mouth very much like – Ontario people will get this – the taste you get in winter after you handle shoelaces that have been covered in road salt and then you touch your mouth.

Seriously I thought I was losing my mind. I consulted Dr. Google with the search term keto diet and salty mouth. There were a few sites reporting this situation. At home, I tested my urine with a keto stick and it showed that I was neutral. WTBF? (The B is for blazing.)

In the department of Thank Goodness For That, my legs are finally starting to feel normal. That only took 3 days to recover from the personal trainer session.

The one thing I’ve learned from diet/fitness is that nothing makes sense.