An Avengers group shot makes me feel better. Let’s go to Charlottetown.

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 51
Yes, despite it being Tuesday, it’s definitely an I’m-starting-my-diet-again Monday. I won’t bore you at all with how terrible yesterday was (yes, donuts were involved) but I’m pretty much pleading the universe for some mental strength to try to do the smaller meals more often technique.

Of course I should just try to get through the day without shoving donuts and cookies down my pie hole.

Meanwhile at the gym, I did a full personal trainer workout and am getting stronger. I have to forcibly stretch out the pecs, traps, lats combo so I don’t hunch over. An old problem courtesy of a frozen shoulder from the 90s.

Today I may switch it up and do a Bulgarian Bag routine. I don’t think I’m ready for the high intensity workout again two days in a row.