Deadpool comics vary from whimsical to ultra violent. Bob Ross could have got inspiration from Ucluelet.

Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 9
If you don’t want to listen to someone whine, go watch the Deadpool 2 teaser that’s super funny. Especially if you’ve ever watched Bob Ross.

So in the span of about 11 seconds at the gym yesterday, I swung from thinking I was making progress with my diet/fitness program to wondering if I was soon to be harpooned, killed and used to feed and light a small 19th century fishing village for several months.

You can say body image is a problem.

I forced myself to walk home because I felt I needed to push through it (whatever the leaking Jesus “it” is) and make my body work. This led to lying down on the couch, passing out for 30 minutes and having a nightmare about water leaks in a basement I never owned.

Today I see the personal trainer. My muscles are still sore and the right hip is being a total pain in the ass. At least I have the anger energy to do a personal trainer session.