The heroes of Earth 6. I never heard of them either. The data is clean for Collingwood.

Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 23
I believe that dogs are bigger than cats. That’s about all I know today. From a diet/fitness perspective I know that coffee helps my short term awareness better than tea. I also know I’m supposed to see the personal trainer today and I want to feel whipped like a fondue at the end of it. Otherwise I don’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

Despite the cheat day on Sunday, Monday felt like I’d been on lo-carb for weeks. It was the slight light-headedness and general hunger. I realized I was exhausted so I managed to get off my feet by 10:30 PM.

This is a time of year where faith is discussed and it comes in many forms. In this case, I have to have faith in my own judgement that the dietary/chemical experiments on my body are the right thing. And I have to have faith that continuous tweaking of the process is OK.

Bugger I just noticed when posting this that I’m 1 week away from the end of Phase 5. Yikes.