These are heroes from DC’s Earth 4. I wonder how far I can go? People in Toronto think North Bay is north. Try Thunder Bay.

Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 21
It’s odd. Yesterday I broke the diet, but really only in the morning. By dinner I discovered I was starving and had a big meal of meat and vegetables. Much later I was hungry again but when I pondered what I would like to eat, the answer was not specific. The usual emergency food of nuts and bacon were not appetizing. So I skipped. This is not normal for me and in the morning, I was only mildly hungry.

Was my body sending hungry signals because I was tired an ought to have gone to bed? Why after a clear cheat in the morning was I still feeling like I was at zero carb in the evening?

Huge concert for the family today at The Orpheum. We shall see how this goes.