Valkyrie does not look like this in the new Thor movie. But it does not matter. It was so blustery yesterday on Vancouver Island that BC Ferries had cancellations.

Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 2
It’s Day 2 and do you know where your refined carbohydrates are? With yesterday not being a normal Monday there were a fair few temptations and I managed to dodge all except finishing the last glass of wine. Now it’s dry time.

The yoga class was much harder than I expected and I definitely pushed things, but I feel like the strength I built up prior to the hernia repair is waking up. The yoga teacher did remark it looked like I was pushing through pain. Generally that’s a true thing about yoga anyway, but the knots from the injury mixed with tight muscles from less activity were a pretty nasty combo.

Today I may just walk to the gym, change and then maybe leave again. You never know.