Spider-man with Shriek, a villain I’d never heard of. Still hot in Ontario. Check out Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 21
That was one heck of a yoga class last night. Despite how achy I felt after the class, today things feel fairly limber. I will be able to test this theory at the gym later.

I have two work weeks before the hernia repair and I have to keep my head attached and reduce the number of things that might occupy my mind afterwards.

The meditation process is interesting because I’m having trouble finding a time to do it. It then occurred to me that even a couple of minutes will be better than nothing. So I tried on the bus today but failed because of distractions. But I did slow down the breathing and I’m sure the blood pressure. Which reminds me I haven’t taken my blood pressure and I think it’s low because I was slightly light-headed at yoga. Some moves do cause that head rush feeling but it seemed more frequent. Considering I was not short on glucose, I can’t blame that.

So I’m optimistic this week will be a better dietary week because I’m supplied and prepared.