Lots of bad guys! A work colleague just came back from vacation in The Shuswap.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 15
8 AM personal trainers sessions are rough because you have to wake up earlier than if you were going to the dentist because you need more time to digest breakfast and it’s good to be woken up enough not to trip over equipment you aren’t even using.

I think the trainer likes it better because I talk less.

She’s teaching me to twist my abdomen without moving the hips and keeping the shoulders in place. Think wringing yourself out like a rag.

I am now sitting very still with decent chair posture. We had to do hamstring, glute and hip flexor releases which all should be used as interrogation methods by the Spanish Inquisition.

And gasp, from the calendar I’m 1/2 way to Hernia Repair Day. Yick.