A Spider-man clone and Kraven the Hunter. I’m thinking about nearby places to chill out and Bowen Island comes to mind.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 87
So the first test: a going-away party for a friend with a bar and appys. It was at dinner time — but no time to eat — so I was smart enough to eat a spoonful of peanut butter and some bacon. However, once at the event, I indulged in red wine. This is allowed under the plan I modelled this on, so we’ll see.

Actually the real first test yesterday was weighing in with the personal trainer. I had not touched the scales since April before the Great Easter Chocolate Train Wreck. I was up a pound from that time. The other numbers made no sense given I’m stronger than then.

Of course I took this news with intellectual calm and a focus on the process. Nah, I’m shitting you. I was totally pissed off and it took about 20 minutes to stop swearing and the rest of the day to just suck it up and get on with the process.

What are my choices? I either continue on the keto/ultra low carb process with scads of exercise or truly, deeply embrace obesity.