Spider-man and someone named Satana. New to me. I’m thinking about Osoyoos because someone camped there last week.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 85
That cheat day yesterday was great. I don’t think at this moment the body has figured out there are no more refined carbs coming for another week.

As I was talking to people in the office, I realized that last week with the sugar withdrawal, I was a mess.

But, I am encouraged to continue because I think with a cheat day in sight, I can knuckle down. Plus, I want to see if the reduction in inflammation continues. I did a yoga class last night and it was still really hard, but I had a noticeable improvement in motion in a couple of poses. I’m hardly flexible but I gave myself a 15% improvement from the previous week.

Sadly today a major project implementation and a child’s teeth have left me with no time to hit the gym.