This is Spider Woman, an image I found while looking for something else. I was thinking about Calgary yesterday.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 73
If you donate blood, is it OK to have a muffin? Probably not. Too late. I got a cool Canada 150 pin from

Anyway, I’m thinking of extending Phase 3 because normally I align it with vacation or other travel when it’s too much of a pain. This is not an issue until later in July.

I’m also looking at a review of what I think is lo-carb. A couple of folks at work who are dealing with different issues and goals identified that what I thought was lo-carb is actually not lo-carb enough for my super-efficient, lard hoarding body.

Check this out.

What’s interesting (and very British) is the inclusion of red wine. Of course that leaves out the entire grain-based universe of alcohol.