She-Hulk and Spider-man. Would that be a fun movie? Let’s try Yellowknife.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 70
Yes, I did not go to yoga last night. Probably a good idea because a bit later I felt ever so slightly feverish. I did lie down because I have a rule that if you aren’t well enough for yoga, you are sufficiently unwell to need a nap.

Trying to feel better today, but clearly not 100%. The proof is that I got out the door without my laptop for the first time in what, 15 years? Every Sunday I sit in a coffee shop while my wife sings her church gig. I was so surprised I checked to make sure I still had my pants on.

I hope to clear my mind today so that I can focus on the high priority items for next week including trying to get rid of the carbohydrates in the diet.

You’ll have to excuse my profound pessimism.