Apparently there’s Earth 43 that has a vampire Batman. I found this image that looks cool but I’m not sure it’s related. Today’s New Brunswick destination is the Miramichi River area.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 5

It always helps when the numbers go the right direction for a change. Of course I went off the rails carbs-wise about 3 hours later.

Yesterday’s personal trainer session revealed a one pound loss and record low % body fat as compared to the measurements on March 28.

It’s nice to have some cooperation from my body for a change. Of course Victoria upped the workout.

The Revised Workout is as follows. I try every other gym visit to reverse the order as I find my form and energy fail at the end.

Updated Routine

  1. Pendulums with blue kettle bell
  2. Kb swing now using RED for 15 reps x 3
  3. 1-arm Kb swing with yellow/purple, 15 reps x 2 each side
  4. Farmers carry – RED
  5. Sumo squat and bicep curl – Yellow, 15 reps x 2
  6. Kb jump jacks – blue x 10 (when foot is better)
  7. Burpees with Kb – yellow 10 reps x 2
  8. Squat and press – yellow, 10 x 2

Switch into Bulgarian bag (Red):

  1. Swing – upgraded to the grey bag
  2. Chop – this is pivoting on your back foot and bringing the bag up on one side – 10 on each side
  3. Squat and press
  4. Spin – green

TRX Rip Trainer: – form before speed

  1. Bat swing
    1. Pivot on back foot
    2. Underhand grip with power hand and overhand grip with the other
  2. Rowing / Punting
    1. A lunge position
    2. Keep the stick upright the whole time
  1. Walk outs and push up – 10 x 2
  2. Ball slams – use 25lb black floor ball, 10 x 2