Early inklings of the Wonder Woman movie are good. Someone told me it was going to be warm in Huntsville this weekend.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 47
OK, this is getting stupid. Please mail me all carbs possible. There may be a shortage of cheap, tasty carbs and I’ll have to buy more and more until I explode like some kind of Mr. Creosote.

And I missed another blog entry. Two diet sheets although the word diet seems misplaced here.

I have the bike. I will ride the long way around.

However, break through. I can now go bowling and not have anywhere near as much tightness and pain in my back.

Good thing there was beer there. Holy cow, what would I have done?

I’d still like to know what neuro chemical process convinces me to feel like I better eat all the pizza and chocolate there is at any given moment because it might run out.