I am reading a comic where one universe’s Wonder Woman is battling another universe’s vampire Joker. Today’s New Brunswick destination is Saint Andrews.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 4
Rest is an issue. This therefore leads to sanity problems. And food. I had a meeting for a volunteer activity and managed to eat before going so there was no temptation with treats. By the time I got home I was hungry to the point I snagged a few corn chips and some chicken.

When the fatigue kicks in the desperation for sugar directly or sugar via carbs kicks in.

I will try to go to bed earlier. And do my taxes, and write to my kids’ teachers about a math teacher issue, make sure my relatives with birthdays in April are suitably acknowledged, do my day job, keep on top of the side projects and try to be a good parent and husband.

Oh, yeah, I don’t have time to write this.

At least I can blame my age: Is it harder to lose weight when you’re older?