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Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 105
It’s true. I’m fussier when cheat days come. In the past, it was any carb or sugar any time.

My cheat day started Friday night at the movie theatre where my son and I saw Spider-man Homecoming. Due to transit issues, I was late coming home and taking us to the movie, where I was stuck starving with limited choices at the concession stand. A rookie mistake for sure, but there’s only so much I can do.

Saturday morning, I was strict and for dinner we decided to enjoy the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. One thing about abstinence from sugar and carbs is that, when you do indulge, you can taste it. When you are in a permanent state of sugar-and-carbs, there’s no taste.

Today I have to get back on the horse. Blessedly I have supplies for next week and should be able to persevere.

Word of warning. To those doing an ultra low sugar-and-carb process, the feelings of discomfort seem to only ease slightly with practice. I am not enjoying any sort of euphoria or extra energy when I force my body into ketosis. It’s terrible. I have only a few hours before the wretched sensations start again.

If it weren’t for the cheat days, I would be unable to sustain this process. On Tuesday I should find out what a month’s worth of this process is worth to the scale.