I was looking for a Dr. Doom image and found this one that made me smile. Finally cherry blossoms in Vancouver.

Mutant Diet Phase 2 Day 76
Last night I shopped for the usual food products despite the end of Phase 2 approaching. It’s the time in this protracted process where I feel obliged to look for modifications, improvements.

Initial thoughts?

Removal of alcohol had limited impact. This isn’t an admission that putting it back in is such a great idea but many people cited that ditching the booze had a huge impact. Moderate at best for me.

Approaching nearly zero carbs did start the process of breaking down the lard around the middle.

What would be nice in this next phase, and something to which I’m actually looking forward, is the re-addition of riding and more walking. The weather this Phase was so wretched that I logged zero km on the bike.