Wolverine was the inspiration … Still pouring in Vancouver.

Mutant Diet Phase 12 Pre-Show
Welcome to 2020. In three months it will be four years since I started this process called the Mutant Diet.

[ Insert daunted-sounding profanity here. ]

I searched the over 900 posts in my diet blog and found that on March 22, 2019 I invented and proved that 2000 calories from non refined carb sources worked. That was Phase 10.

This process was:

  • 2000 calories per day from non-refined sources. I.e. sugar, wheat, rice, corn and potatoes are banned. (New: I did find 2000 really tough. 2200 with weight training seemed to still work. We shall see.)
  • 11 PM bedtime
  • 8 PM to 8 AM fast
  • Strict weighing of food
  • A mini cheat with sushi on Sundays
  • Meditate. 10 mins per day using an app
  • 2 L of water per day (New: Changed from 3 L due to nocturnal trips to the bathroom and fluids also limited or eliminated by 8 PM)
  • No alcohol
  • Blind weigh-in via the trainer on Tuesdays
  • Current gym routine plus – weather permitting – getting back on the bike

I also added to the diet sheets some goals statements that I wrote out over the holidays that hopefully will remind me why I’m doing this. There were three categories, Vanity, Mental Health and Physical Health.

Two examples are:

  • The feeling from eating something off the plan is very temporary.
  • Whatever is in your head, is it helping?

What drew me to try this is that I find when I’m in the middle of a craving, all thought is gone. Whatever I’m drawn to seems to blot out the goals of the process. Since I have data that proves the process above works, it seems I need mental reinforcements to remind me at crucial moments (e.g. the 2 PM snack attack time) why the hell I’m doing this.

Phase 12 starts in a week. This week I need to sort out supplies and remove festive temptations from the apartment.