My second last Crisis image. Oh boy, is Newfoundland in for some weather.

Mutant Diet Phase 12 Day 5
Thursday was difficult due to being hungry and I stole a few extra calories as a result. I don’t feel like it was a major deviation. What’s challenging is the impact on mood. I am finding myself more reactive to small frustrations, which leads to poor outward behaviour.

Part of the mental conditioning is to look for the good side. For example, despite my hyper re-activeness to change, my body adapts fast. I also recover quickly from exertion despite age. Does this offset the allergies, which is an overactive immune system? Maybe.

One of the notes-to-self in my diet sheet today is “The pain is not a judgement.” That’s not a bad notion; the discomfort is real. It will pass and maybe I’ll take a step in the right direction toward the short term and long term goals.

I found that my massage therapist has a spot Monday morning. The left shoulder is not letting me do things. I figure she’ll figure out that a pulled muscle in my calf is causing it. The body is so weird.