Somehow Matter Eater Lad is appropriate for this Phase. New Cabinet in Ottawa. I wonder.

Mutant Diet Phase 11 Finale
This is the finale to a diet/fitness phase that wasn’t. I fly to Toronto tomorrow and by the time I’m back, the festive season is upon us — what I call Damage Control in diet/fitness language.

The cold I reported on came back with a vengeance and I don’t get enough sleep. The rest of my issues are follow on problems from that.

The big challenge is anger toward self. In other words I have to control the urge to punish myself by way of, say, self-dismemberment.

However, the training is not too awful given the circumstances. I had a session today where I learned how to boost my deadlifts without hurting myself. One easily forgets it’s a leg exercise more than a back exercise. And my legs don’t care how much they lift. So if I stay strong, I won’t lose my way completely.

For the festive season, all I need to do is keep strong and try not to go hog wild.