I watched Avengers Endgame on Blu-ray. Let’s go to Saskatchewan.

Mutant Diet Phase 10b Day 10
Despite my shocking indiscretions with chocolate my calorie burn is still 1670 more than intake. Now, we all know that if you work out on a treadmill and register 500 calories, that doesn’t mean you can have a cookie.

However, I’m starting to feel like I’m 12 years old and wearing my father’s clothes. Whether this shows up on the scale or not is a different matter. That measurement is scheduled for tomorrow. I saw the chiropractor this morning who managed to (it felt like) move my right shoulder about a foot away from my ear. A blessed relief.

The right shoulder blade area feels like scar tissue. It has for years and years. But I have no recollection of how the heck it got that way.