Why do they want to put 6 bad guys into the upcoming Batman movie. Murder suspects still on the loose in Manitoba. How are they surviving the wilderness?

Mutant Diet Phase 10a Finale
Ugh. I gained two pounds between the end of Phase 10 and the start of Phase 10a and then basically kept that 2 pounds. Honestly I feel a little less bulky around the middle, but that may be the exercise.

What did I learn? I don’t have a hope in hell of losing weight unless I stay consistently within 2000 – 2200 for days at a time. No effing chance.

I am planning for what I do next. Obviously aggressive fitness with a strong plan to avoid injury will keep the metabolism amp’d up.

The brain game will be crucial. I need to drop the stress around all this and simply do the maximum of what can be done without needless judgement. I have a process that I know works. It’s time to try to encourage it.

There’s going to be a vacation week the first full week of August and then at least two strict weeks following. Let’s see what I can do.

Let’s call this the end of Phase 10a and see what happens in August.