From Amazing Spider-man 97. A friend of mine had breakfast in Kamloops.

Mutant Diet Phase 10a Day 7
The diet went to hell Friday night and I’ve not recovered. The whole thing is on me, of course, but if I don’t attribute weakness to specific influences, I can’t plan to adapt to them. So, today I blame mental and physical fatigue.

But what to do about it? Obviously, duh, rest. But as many of you who are dealing with anxiety, depression or stress understand, sleeping can be a tough slog. I have a number of tricks to quiet the busy brain, but the trick is staying that way. Then, during waking hours, there’s the guilt of not doing your chores. Or of not hanging with your kids, etc. This makes the mind race in ways not conducive to the necessary focus needed for diet/fitness and the chores you really need to do.

So, today is a reset with a plan to avoid recreational eating.