Apparently for the Supergirl TV show, Melissa Benoist, is taking on a warmer costume. Let’s hide on Bowen Island.

Mutant Diet Phase 10a Day 11
I’m still off the calorie plan and I’m still fighting pain. The mid back muscles are sore and angry but don’t complain at the right time. Yoga was a meditation in not straining the back — and I felt that I did that — but when I was putting my shoes back on … yeeeee oww!

Ibuprofen and chocolate.

I’m going to see if I can do better today. I also need to figure out what to work out to avoid the pain. I don’t want to skip. But I just read an article in the Guardian where it says “Muscle dysmorphia is a disease of perception.”

I know I want to reshape myself, but this is a chilling tale. Will I ever be happy? The way I’m going, no. I feel reassured that I’m too old for this particular type of issue but not too old to be a head case about it.

Food for thought?