The many faces of reality-altering Scarlet Witch. I saw some reports of “snow grains” in Ottawa.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 9
This 2000 calorie limit has not become easier with time. I was feeling really weird yesterday. The sense of being free of the diet after Sunday’s cheat lasted until about 10:30 AM. Then the mild sense of deprivation kicked in and by lunch time I was desperate and added a piece of chicken.

Last night there was a gallery showing for a friend and it was at a brew pub. I shared a beer with my wife and had a handful of yogurt raisins. I was feeling really fatigued. I thought I had blown the calorie count but in the end I was OK.

Today is a weigh-in with the trainer. I’m curious to see if there was any meaningful change from the scale’s perspective. I wonder how much the fat that came off my nose weighs.