More the original Civil War comic event. Don’t mess with Grizzly bears in Prince George.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 85
OK. I’m one day before final weigh in and I haven’t blogged, I’ve indulged and today’s schedule is another mess.

Oh well.

There was a high school graduation. (I’m a proud papa.) There were relatives visiting. (Dining out.) There were other end of school year events. (Schedule hosed.) And I was tired.

Last night I got back to yoga class after a couple of days of not being to the gym. There was an advantage in that my muscles were rested and they were ready to go for long holds and better planks and so forth. However, at about the 50 minute mark of the 75 minute class I was out of gas. I was sweating like mad and I looked back and saw the back two rows all looking cool and calm. I nearly yelled out “Are none of you bastards finding this intense?!?”

Admire my self-control.