With Avengers Endgame coming, I thought I’d focus on key characters, in this case Black Widow. Victoria BC is 9° and cloudy.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 6
The biggest test of this 2-week experiment was a pot-luck dinner last night. I managed this one by going pre-fed, but it was not pre-fed enough. I was still hungry, so I focused primarily on salads. Interestingly, salads taste better when you are really hungry.

Now that it’s Saturday and the schedule less regimented, I have the challenges of not being close to the pre-set food supply at home. I don’t have an exact plan, so I am going to have to be super mindful.

On the workout front, my seated row went to 14 and my chest press machine went to 9. Both record highs. And, I felt like crap going to the gym this morning. I guess the idea that any effort helps and it may surprise you.

My jeans this week went from tough-to-put-on to I am almost at the belt notch I was at the height of Phase 8. Phase 9 was a near total bust. This feels really odd. I am not anticipating movement on the scale because of past history and totally perversity of this process.