Lady Sif, Captain Marvel and Deadpool. That would be cool. Court cases in BC today.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 54
Chocolate and wine last night. Yum.

But back in the saddle and if I’m to recover from the four-day weekend, this weekend will have to be as strict as my normal week days.

What was weird, until the chocolate and wine, was how absurdly hungry I was even though the calories were normal and distributed throughout the day. I was waiting for my son and had to grab egg bites at Starbucks to avoid feeling truly terrible.

I also am finding it hard to predict work out energy. Normally when I’m doing bench press I get a clear warning from the body that a rep is my last. However, yesterday I was pinned by the bar as I lost it. Fortunately there was someone to help me. Embarrassing for sure.

I guess if this process is working in any positive way, I should try to take comfort and ask the negative voices to go away.