I needed Spider-man from a comic I own. Saskatchewan in court over carbon tax. Don’t get me started.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 33
The story for today is you never know what will be accomplished at the gym. I tried the slight weight increase in the bench press and did 3 sets of 10. I was having trouble doing 3 sets of 10 last week at the lower weight. Then it was the deadlift’s turn. Someone had made off with the 25 pound weights so I used a 45 and 35 on each side and assumed I might be able to do 1 rep. Nope. 3 sets of 5 reps at 200 pounds.

Huh? I guess I broke a plateau, but I won’t know until I do another weights workout.

The calorie count seemed low and I’m pretty sure it was because this morning I was really weary and in need of breakfast.

One might become accustomed to the strain of this, but never use the word “easy.”