I saw Captain Marvel last night for the second time. Brie Larson is glad they changed up her costume in the comics. I am fighting for music in schools. Petition here.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 13
On I was hungry really early in the day. A half donut some satanic bastard had in the office was eaten; I’d hoped it would offset the cravings. By lunch, I wondered — as I walked to the gym — where I was going to find the energy to work out beyond walking up the stairs. Then I did a full high intensity workout. I haven’t been able to do one of those since last Fall.

Then at about 3:15 I was set upon by hunger. I’m was out of supplies and fortunately a friend had some plain almonds. Honestly I thought I was going to faint.

I was expecting the severity of being hungry to reduce in the second week.

This morning I am just sore and grumpy, but made it to the gym for a weights workout.