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This cover is famous (I also own it) because it does not have the Comics Code seal because the story deals with a friend of Spider-man struggling with drugs. For the final day … prepare for Wolverine. Help me pay for all this here: Niagara-on-the-Lake

The big day. Last workout and weigh in. I see the numbers in about 3 hours.

It’s obvious the de-lardification is not over. The trick is to use today’s numbers to plan a way forward for the balance of the work. I’ll actually know what that work is. I’ll know what effort it takes to achieve such a goal.

I realized I didn’t take a picture, darn it. I talked the personal trainer Victoria into joining Catherine and I for yoga. There’s a fair amount of misconception about yoga, not helped by some practitioners who are too New Age-y about it. Trainers tend to be a bit more mechanical but I think Victoria saw some techniques she can use to help some of her clients, particularly those recovering from injury. Victoria met the kids as we all went for Sushi afterwards.

I found the yoga super helpful in this regime because it’s slower and makes me notice what parts of the body had actually strengthened over the week and is a chance to take an inventory of the sore parts.

OK … back to work!


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