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An image of the Suicide Squad. Looking forward to the movie. Check out Vancouver for places to stay.

Crap. Tomorrow. Final trainer session and weigh in. And I see the numbers.My final guess for my own situation is here. Last chance to put in a guess and win chocolate.

Some of my morning was spent on the phone with my brother and sister discussing my mother’s health. She managed to get a fever and then have it turn in to low body temp. Which apparently causes minor hallucinations.

Yep, another reason to become fit people is that your medical history prior to turning 80 is of huge importance to your quality of life once in your 80s.

Yoga is tonight, hopefully with a guest star, and I hope to eat sensibly today. Last night Jerry and Cory and Ava, who have helped immensely with preparing meat for this diet, had us over to dinner. I can’t thank them enough.


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