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AvengersJLA(click for larger)

A few years ago there was an awesome comic book crossover with Justice League and the Avengers. Maybe one day there’ll be a movie crossover.

Go to Victoria and click on something for me, would ya?

Wow. Day 90. Out of 92. I’m not freaking out quite so much as I thought I would. I’m mentally ready for the fact I have a long way to go to be gut free. But at Costco last night, I was still buying essentially what I need to continue the meat-and-vegetables approach to the diet. I’d rate my cravings for wheat at about 2% or my normal 100% and I’d rate my craving for sweets at about 25% of my usual 220%.

On Monday I’m asking Victoria for three killer homework sessions that I can continue in the summer. There’s disruption with travel and vacation so I want to be able to lose a little in the weight department but concentrate more on core strength. This is because I noticed that my lower back is stronger and not throwing as many warning twinges as usual.

It’s a subtle change, but one I want to cultivate.

However, Day 93 – the day after – is a beer night at the Billy Bishop Legion. Be there or be square.


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