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I found this old comic cover and I think I have it. Hard to remember. One day I’ll go into the storage locker and check.

So little time. So much lard. 9 days and counting.However, despite a cold, a gym homework session, a 22.8 km ride home and then various chores, I still had a little gas in my tank. Stamina has improved.

And, boy, it was stunning around Stanley Park yesterday. The weather was gorgeous and I have to do a shout out to the Hudson Elementary PAC for a Summer Fair with bouncy castles, dunk tank, food trucks and more. It was a wonderful day for a great event.

I did obtain extra cardio workout via the random walkers on the Stanley Park Seawall. It had been a while since I last did that ride and the number of tourists has increased.

My friendly-sounding “on your left” call to cyclists and pedestrians gradually changed over the ride to “Oh for crying out loud!”


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