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I figure it was a good day to show Spider-man in the rain. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium on a rainy day.

Meteorology is an imprecise science. It started to pour in the time it took me to observe on my “accuweather” app that it was mixed cloud today, look out the window to confirm this, go downstairs and retrieve my bicycle, do a couple stretches and cycle two blocks.Soaked to my toes.

Damn you accuweather.

I’m having to actively pursue positive thinking because I realized that I have at least as much fitness work ahead of me as behind me to take me out of the “fat guy” category. To that end, I had a realization last night. I took Tim to Aquaventures, where he takes swimming lessons. I had not done this in some weeks as it’s normally Cath’s job. At Aquaventures they have the plastic lawn chairs for parents to sit in. See below. When I last sat in these there was no spare space. In fact sometimes when I stood up I took the chair with me. Now there’s space.

So, we are all curious and will have to wait now 13 days until the results are known and published.

You can still win chocolate here.

Oh, look. The sun’s out. Grrrrrrrr.


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