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This image is a comic now considered old (from 2005) that I own. I guess my comics from the 70s are really old. On this wet Vancouver day, I’m thinking about beach time in Wasaga Beach.

It’s not that I’m paranoid, but I don’t like the signs. Or absence of signs. (That no advance green at Main and 12th heading south really sucks.)A cold is still trying to get at me and has made more progress. The right knee swelled slightly after the workout yesterday. Icing worked quickly. And it’s raining removing my bike riding (arriving at work all soaked and dirty from the road is not on).

I have new homework to work on. I think I know what pissed off the knee so I’ll skip that.

I know a few people have been inspired by this process but I wonder how many have also said “Holy ____ that’s a lot of work for a limited gain.”

But, the experiment and the observers will have to decide whether the effort:benefit ratio is worth it.



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