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When I feel bummed I like to find covers of comics that I own. This is one of them. Let’s all go to Quadra Island and chill out and look at the ocean.

16 days including today that remain. Two weeks from today is the final measurements.Florida seems to have had a bad go of it. Understatement. And then the tragedy becomes political with people being even more offensive.

It makes my little challenges seem small and immaterial.

I think today I will try to make the world a better place by being calmer, more focused and hope that the efforts to improve my own fitness will help with that goal.

Of course last night’s yoga class has left my lower abs begging for mercy and today I have a trainer session to try to amp things up.

Here’s a sad thing that will make you laugh. I used to regularly eat pizza on Friday nights with the family. I had been missing this a lot until this past week. I lost my pizza urge. O MY GOD I’ve been taken over by aliens. I checked in on my chocolate urge though. Thank heavens it’s still there.

Still time to play Guess The Lard Game here. Guesses have been posted.


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