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I was looking for an obscure superhero and I found this cover that I own. Nighthawk was the character in question. Check out this spot for bird watching: Deep Bay on Vancouver Island

The bicycle is fixed. A mystery flat tire Friday morning indicates that someone bumped my bike while it was in the apartment common area basement. The mechanic asked it is was riding badly due to the axel being misaligned.But I’m back on the road just in time to risk being rained on.

Question: I have an opportunity to do the Grouse Grind with folks from work on June 22. Should I go? When I asked Victoria about this she used the word “death” in her email back to me. My daughter offered to go with me as she’s trying to work in her new hiking boots.

18 days left. It seems like a lot and it seems too soon.

Remember to post your weight guess from the Day 74 post. There’s chocolate to be had!

Have a great weekend.


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