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Obscure Daredevil comic referencing yoga. Go to Kitsilano for yoga.

I figure the definition of obsession can be illustrated when you force your personal trainer to do the scheduled workout when she’s sick. With 20 days remaining I was unwilling to reschedule.It turns out Victoria was more worried about hacking all over me than her own health. I scoffed because I spent the weekend with my number one daughter snorfing all over the place and I lost most of my aversion to simple germs about 100 diapers into being a parent.

It wasn’t until this morning that normal people would have seen the trainer wanting to reschedule as a bonus. Not me. The plan is the plan.

Of course yesterday’s eating had the very extras I had wanted to avoid. Stress, a visit to a food court and lack of sleep are key drivers toward grabbing the wrong extra calories.

I must say though that given the change in eating, food court food is unbelievably cardboard tasting now. Not worth the carbon molecules it’s printed on.

The new homework for the week is below with modifications to handle the knee issues. The key culprit is the IT band and I’ve remembered a yoga stretch that might help this. I’ll have to show it to Victoria as I don’t think she knows this one.

It looks like this, but more painful. The heel pushing up is crucial.




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