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Brainiac is the comic book image for the day. I was battling (and still am) with the side effects of a server conversion. This means when you all visit the Vancouver travel page it might not work!

As I ponder the coming three weeks, I realize that cramming for the final starts now; you can’t do a lot on a fitness/diet regime in the last few days. However, “cramming” might not be the right word. I tend to eat when stressed and if I want to have remarkable results on June 28, it means distinctly not cramming food into my face. I have a lot of meat ready to roll (thanks to Jerry) so I have to eat protein when hungry between meals, not the starchier stuff.

The knees are feeling better. I did walk a lot yesterday. A glorious day in Vancouver. However the focus on exercise will have to be strength training and low load on the knees. My family are all struggling with a sore throat/cold combo that I really want to avoid.


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