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Wouldn’t it be great if Ryan Reynolds had a short role in a Ben Afflect Batman film? Sigh.Sponsorship: Moose Jaw is a funny name. Check it out.
It’s Day 7. Week 2 begins tomorrow. I guess I should be happy I made it through a week. Today the plan is to get my bike going, do yoga and complete about 100 tasks I put off while studying for the CSC.

I may be being optimistic. I have a couple of friends with significant health issues and I think I’ll dedicate today’s efforts to them. I figure if any of the ailments that afflict them hit me, and I’m in better shape, I’ll fare better than I would otherwise.

Of course, every day it crosses my mind to embrace my inner couch potato and really, really commit to beer, chips and a Netflix account. Even though Jerry prepared about 2 kg of pork chops for me to freeze and mix with veggies, the overhead of this diet from a time-in-the-kitchen perspective is pretty darn big.

Yesterday I ended up at a Tim Horton’s at lunch time (Tim was at ballet) and I managed to eat a wrap that wasn’t too bad. No donuts. But the reason for this mistake was the fact I did not defrost a meal in time to heat it. Stupid mistake.

Tomorrow is a fresh week and I hope to crush it.


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