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It occurred to me that if they can do Supergirl, they can do Batgirl. Probably a licensing issue. Time to promote an obscure Newfoundland destination: Bell Island.

I need better knees. Last night, the left one decided it didn’t like me going downstairs. So I am glad today is a rest day. It’s a mystery as to what pissed the knees off. When I cycled home yesterday I was deliberately working the left leg more than the right so as not to further annoy the right leg. Clearly that didn’t work.

With 23 days left I don’t want to lose momentum. I will be conferring with the trainer to see what we can do that minimizes knee use. Yoga class tomorrow will tell me exactly what positions work and don’t.

Not freaking out before the end will be an interesting psychological exercise. All the questions like “Was this worth it?” “Did I get anywhere?” and “Where the f**k are the M&Ms?” will all have to be removed from my head until the end.

Please note that at Costco they had the huge bag of M&Ms on sale for $9.99. I walked by.

Let’s see if I can finish up today without too much stress. Except, of course, tonight I upgrade my Windows 2003 server to a cloud-based Windows 2012 server and move all the code and databases. Yeah. No pressure.


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