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I think I have this comic. It sounds like it’s warm enough in Ontario to go to Sandbanks this weekend.

Starting tomorrow 4 full weeks and two days will remain. I’m not sure why I’m nervous because I rigged this up to be an experiment where I should only care about completion and not results.

But face it, I want results. Big results. Results where random people would say, “oh my goodness those are some big results.” I don’t want results where people say, “Jeez that was a lot of work for only that.”

So what is that? My pulse and BP don’t make sense. In the three readings last night I was twice in the 140s for the top number until I settled down to the 134 number. But my pulse was consistently in my record low area of 57/58. WTF?

I need a new meditation mantra: That is at the end. That is at the end. That is at the end.

Speaking of pressure, an issue arises where if I restrict the diet more or try to work out more I might precipitate what the diet industry calls the F U Response.

This is where all pressure to improve a diet/fitness regime is converted to anger which, in turn, is converted into a large quantity of the worst food possible. In my case that’s the Costco size bag of M&Ms. In other people’s cases, that’s more croissants than the French own.

Today is a big day for the family. The year end Bach Children’s Chorus Concert is on at The Chan Centre at UBC. Wish us all luck. (I’m not singing, but I am on the Board and I have to wear a suit and mingle.)


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