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IronManDoomDr Doom and Iron Man using a time machine. I wish I had one. Spend time in Whistler. The numbers for the two-thirds point in the process are below. I did my first ever 22.8 km around Stanley Park ride yesterday. I had not tried this before now because last summer after do that ride too often without enough stretching, I put my back out.I was rewarded by being drenched by a rain squall near the Olympic Village. I should have realized that this rain cloud was reserved for the Vancouver International Children’s Festival which has been rained on every year since inception. Once past the festival it cleared up.

As I look toward the last third of this voyage I wonder what can I do to max out the results?

A tough question as it all hooks to time. Given one’s responsibilities (i.e. work and home) there is a challenge of trying to cook more, exercise more, sleep more, etc. How and when?



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