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BatmanWWSuperman-250 It’s Day 6 and Day 5 did not go according to plan and now Day 6 is not going according to plan. When you get into a process like this if you do not have the right food ready to eat at the right time, stuff is going to go off.
People who say — to those of us who’ve got food issues — to just “get a grip” and not eat the bad stuff simply don’t understand.

I want to be Superman in level of self control, but the reality is when you’re doing what I’m doing you can’t think clearly when you are hungry. And the more hungry you get, the less self-control over choices.

This is why pre-planning is mission critical.

We saw Batman vs Superman last night and there’s a real disconnect from the critics and the audience. Apart from the fact I am totally sick of the government jumping to use nuclear missiles as a plot device, the film was fine. I read the Globe & Mail’s review and there’s a paragraph where the reviewer listed things that didn’t make sense, but all of which were actually part of the plot and had a point. There should have been a bit more humour but I feel the shadow of Christopher Nolan was hanging over this film.

Anyway, the point of this is that I did not have a dinner plan. We went to a 5:50 PM show. I got hungry. I ate weak nachos. I went home and tried to balance it out with bacon and eggs.

Frustrating but not fatal. Today I might be able to get my bike fixed.

Today’s sponsorship is an article I wrote last year.


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