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This is the first Defenders comic. I own a copy. In November we get to see Dr. Strange. Please visit Mahone Bay. Cathy and Shawn will know why.

It’s Monday, Victoria Day, my 18th wedding anniversary and the start of week 9 of this voyage.

Nothing like the Sunday night yoga class to make you feel like the process is hopeless. The teacher said she thought she had run an easy-going class. Both Catherine and I disagreed. If people in the overall health industry want to understand why people choose to remain out of shape, this is why:

With any change comes the need for sustained effort to make the change habitual and permanent. This will for sure be uncomfortable and will likely cause pain. Worse, the end point may not be knowable. And, mentally, you won’t be the same afterwards.

When people face such a ginormus effort, the couch, Netflix, chips and beer start to look compelling. Heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes are abstractions. Until they hit.

Tomorrow I see the trainer. I’ve asked my sore muscles to heal up by then.


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