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Apparently Joss Whedon told Elizabeth Olsen that she did not have to wear an outfit like the ones from the comics. That outfit was only fit for The Sandbanks. Please go there and support the site.

It’s a quiet Sunday in Vancouver and we had the pleasure of seeing out of town guests. A yoga class is upcoming, which I’m hoping will let me remove the headache from my day. It seems like neck tension is the real cause.

SportChek tweeted me back wanting more information. I guess if I want them to try to improve for other humanoids shaped like me, I should respond. So I sent them the following.

“Hi. I am replying as requested. My visit was Fri May 19 4:30 PM at the Robson/Howe store. 0 sizes for me. I needed a real 2X. Not a 2X for hobbits.” And I included my contact info.

My diet today is not going well. I am trying not to become depressed by it all.


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