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Hulk I forgot my lunch at home today so this Hulk image is a bit more appropriate.

Why is it with dieting you always feel changes in your body in places you really don’t care about? Like my damn neck. Who cares?

The workouts in the scruffy log entry below were pretty intense. I wasn’t even trying to fully do Mary’s workout homework and I was feeling whipped at the end.

For sponsorship, another really funny Newfoundland-Labrador place name.

Then of course karate class (2 hours’ worth) involved a lot of kicking. Kicking and my right hip are not friends. However, I did find I could muster more stability. It’s all about activating abdominal muscles and keeping them tight during kicks.

So because I forgot my damn lunch I have to venture out and try to find meat and veggies and NOT be tempted by other stuff.

For those of you keen on detail, the step counter should be viewed as how much walking I’m doing. I broke 13,000 which means I at least walked home and had to have done extra walking or, in Day 4’s case, cardio in the gym and karate class.


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